How to install and use the SquibitUC chrome extension

How to install and use the SquibitUC chrome extension

This extension only works in the Google Chrome browser.

First, the extension must be added to chrome from the chrome store. 
Click here to be taken to the SquibitUC extension page and then click "Add to Chrome"

Once it's added, go to the extensions button on the top-right corner of the chrome browser and "pin" the extension

Now the extension icon is pinned at the top of the browser. Click it to open it.
(note: you must be on an actual web page for it to work - a blank google search page will not work)

You will notice it requires login information.
The credentials needed are the same used to login to the user portal extension@domain & password.

Click on "Settings" at the bottom of the extension window and here you can set your CRM integration application (top right, by default is "Google") and just below that you can turn on the features you would like to use.

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